Chess in Education Nepal

The biggest Achievement in Nepal chess History - is the "Chess in Education Nepal" program signed between Nepal Chess Federation and PABSON Bagmati Province for 5 years with the program to give Scholarships to a minimum of 7 students through chess. Now you can say if you play chess you can get a scholarship in your study.

The MOU signed between NCF and PABSON Bagmatic Province emphasizes the production of as many School Instructors in every school in the first phase who teach chess in their respective school and then National Instructors with higher chess skills gets the opportunity to teach in the school along with the end of the month with the program of Scholarship with the champions for a minimum of 7 students every year. This program will be up to class 12 kids.

Chess from Grassroots is the main way to uplift chess or any sport and we believe this program we increase the level of chess with the mission of getting as many medals as possible.