Hetauda Cup Asian Open Rating Chess Tournament will begin from tomorrow

Hetaunda is hosting a regional-level chess competition from tomorrow.

‘Hetauda Cup Asian Open Rating Chess Tournament 2080 BS’ is set to kick off here on Wednesday.

Speaking at a press meet here today, it was shared that a total of 120 players from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka will be participating in the event.

The first prize of the tournament is Rs 125 thousand followed by Rs 75 thousand for the second prize and Rs 40 thousand for the third position. Likewise, Rs 25 thousand and Rs 20 thousand will be given for the consolation prizes.

According to Nepal Makwankur Chess Association Chair Manoj Shrestha, cash prizes will be given to those players securing positions within the top ten.

As he said, 38 players will receive cash prizes in different categories. It is expected to cost Rs 6.2 million to organize the tournament.

The registration charge for the tournament is Rs 10,000 per participant and the food and accommodations for the participants will be managed by the organising body. The tournament will conclude on December 3.

Credit: RSS